Mehana Heins


Psychotherapy Intern



Mehana is completing a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychotherapy at Yorkville University NB, she also completed a Double Major Bachelors degree in Psychology and Sports Studies at Bishops University while a member of the Bishop’s Women’s Varsity Soccer Team. Mehana has dealt with athletes, youth and young adults dealing with behavioral and emotional issues, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and various life issues.

Therapeutic Style

Mehana offers a safe, respectful, trusting, and collaborative approach to her therapy. She is open minded, approachable, and genuine. Her goal is to assist clients begin their journey towards healing, fulfillment, and happiness, by working with them to identify choices they can make in their own lives to reach their personal goals. Mehana has always had a passion for people and helping them deal with life’s difficult situations.

Treatment modalities

Mehana provides a variety of therapeutic modalities (CBT- Cognative Behavioral Therapy, DBT- Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Collaborative problem solving ) to ensure her clients have a number of tools to reach their goals and find their personal success.

  • Availability: Accepting new clients
  • Works with: Adults 12 and over
  • Language: English

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